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Alcohol 120% / 52% Manual

Following successful installation the first time you run Alcohol this screen will appear.

Click on the "Register" button. The following screen will appear.

Now you need to copy and paste your serial number that came in your confirmation of purchase e-mail into this box. Highlight your serial on your confirmation of purchase e-mail making sure that either before or after the serial number there are no gaps or spaces and press Ctrl+C to copy the serial number.

Return to Alcohol, use Ctrl+V to paste your serial number in the top field and type your e-mail address that you used when you purchased Alcohol (or updated e-mail address if you also updated it in our site) in the bottom field. Then click "OK"

If you have carried out the procedure correctly you will see the following screen. Congratulations! You have now installed and registered Alcohol Software. Click "OK" and you are finished.

Please note that Internet connection is required to activate the software online (only required for retail version).

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