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Alcohol 120% / 52% Manual
How to use RMPS

In the "main window" select "Image Making Wizard"


Select the "Securom *NEW (4.x/5.x)" datatype. It is crucial that the "Data Position Measurement" (DPM) setting is enabled. Proceed by clicking "Next".


The image must be in the MDS format. Change the file name if it is not correct, then click "Start".


Select the DPM "Measuring Speed". Lower is better for more accurate results. It is recommended to use 1x. This may sound slow but in fact it only takes about 3-4 minutes to run the DPM analysis at this speed.


You may notice one or two read errors at the end of the reading. This is normal and has now become a telltale sign of the newest forms of the SecuROM protection. Use "View Log" and "Performance Graph" to view details of the reading process. Click "Finish" to return to the main window.


You should now be able to see the image you have just created. If you want to burn this image into a CD-R/W disc then proceed to the "Image Burning Wizard" (this option is only available in Alcohol 120%).


Browse and select your image file if it does not already appear as shown. Proceed by clicking "Next".


Again select the "Securom *NEW (4.x/5.x)" satatype. You will now see the "Burn RMPS to recordable media" option enabled. This feature will allow you to run SecuROM 4.8x protected titles from a CD-R/W as opposed to in a virtual drive. (Please note that in order to use this function you must have had DPM enabled for the read). Click "Start" to proceed.


Click "OK" and "Finish" to return to the main window.


Go to "Options" and select "Emulation".

Enable RMPS (Recordable Media Physical Signature) and after clicking "OK" you can close Alcohol. You don't need to perform this task everytime, as it will remain enabled for the future.


You are now ready to use your backup.

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